More fun with cousins

When we were in Midland we had several wonderful friends who were always willing to take Kalena when Brian and I both had to be places. I always appreciated it, and looked forward to the time when I could do the same for someone else. Since we’ve been back in Colorado I’ve been happy to watch my nephew Espen a few times when (for one reason or another) he couldn’t go to the daycare he normally goes to. It’s always fun for Kalena to have a playmate, especially one so close in age. They are SO cute together, but it’s hard to capture that in pictures. Here’s one of my attempts anyway.
Playing peek-a-boo with leaves.

They were taking turns “falling down” and laughing about it.

Espen wasn’t interested in his milk, but Kalena INSISTED on carrying it around trying to give it to him. He would usually take it for a second, set it down, and then she would pick it back up and go after him again.

Just lying around in the grass.

P.S. If you’re wondering about the pink bottoms on Espen’s tennis shoes in the middle picture, it’s because he’s wearing Kalena’s shoes. Good thing their feet are the same size.

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