I guess she likes the hair in her face

Kalena has PLENTY of hair to do cute stuff with. Unfortunately, she’s not such a fan of having anything done. Anytime I put a barrette in it she’ll pull it out and then hand it to me and say, “uh oh.” As if she didn’t just do that herself. Half the time she wants me to put it back in (so she can take it out again OF COURSE), the rest of the time she’s just done with it.
For awhile rubber bands were better, but then she figured out how to get those out too. Now pretty much the only way I can even get them in her hair is if I do it while she’s in the car seat. Sometimes I can get her to leave her hair done if she’s distracted immediately afterward, but even then it’s only a matter of time before she realizes she doesn’t have hair hanging in her eyes and then it’s all over.
Can you see her thinking, “Hey! Don’t put that in there!”

“Now, which one should I take out first?”

So if you see Kalena running around with her hair all a mess, please don’t judge me. I promise I tried.

4 thoughts on “I guess she likes the hair in her face

  1. Charlotte has been pretty good with her hair, but Cooper likes to take stuff out of her hair. Can never win, huh?Anyhow, try the tiny little elastic bands…they're much harder to remove for them. I also have to sit Charlotte on the vanity and do her hair while she plays with the stuff on the counter or looks in the mirror. It seems to help keep her distracted.

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