18 month pictures

When Kalena was first born I already knew when I wanted to go get pictures done for her. Not just snapshots, but take her somewhere and have pictures taken. I wanted to do the same times my mom did for each of us: at months 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 18 then at 2 years and yearly after that.
I’ve stayed on top of it so far, and that meant taking her to get pictures done this month after she turned 18 months. So my mom and I took her down to Sears and dressed her up and discovered something about taking pictures of Kalena. You either get serious Kalena or happy Kalena. Serious Kalena will leave her barrettes alone and pose wherever you put her, but no matter what you do to try to entertain her, her “good” smiles look something like this:

With happy Kalena you get hair in the face and running around all over the place, but the smiles look more like this:

I like having the Sears pictures, serious as they are, but I’m glad I can also have the snapshots so her personality can shine through.

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