Did you?

Black Friday. I did not shop today. It was an easy choice though. In Alamosa there’s a Wal-Mart and… ummm… a Penny’s? So I really didn’t think that was worth going out for. Had we been in Grand Junction I would have gone. $1.49 a yard flannels at one of the craft stores were calling my name. (I asked my mom to pick some up for me.)

I actually enjoy shopping during the busy holiday season, people watching and seeing all the holiday decorations. Plus I do almost all my Christmas shopping online which means no pressure when I’m shopping in stores. I imagine I won’t do too much in-store shopping this year since Kalena will only tolerate the stroller for so long; but I’m still planning to enjoy it. What about you? Do you like holiday shopping? Did you brave the black Friday crowds? And most importantly, did you get any really great deals? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Did you?

  1. Hey Elsha….did some ONLINE Black Friday shopping….from the comforts of my relatives house in Pheonix…..that is the best kind of shopping. Not worth getting up at 3 am to go…you have the right idea!!

  2. I actually did Black Friday shop this year. I hate crowds but I figured Joann Fabrics and Michael's wouldn't be too crowded. Got a Cricut for $75 (regularly $200) and some cartridges 60% off. We were already pretty much done with the girls' stuff. Oh, we also put new brakes, a new strut and a new battery in the van. Does that count? 🙂

  3. I did it! Dropped the baby off and headed out into that crazy retail world. I love black Friday! More than shopping it, I loved working it! Too bad that might never happen again! 😦 no good deals necessarily, just got a lot of my shopping knocked out, which is a big relief.

  4. Normally I don't go anywhere on the day after Thanksgiving, but we did do a little shopping in the late afternoon. It was fun and we can cross a few more people off of our list now, but no HUGE deals.

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