It makes me laugh

One of my Texas friends posted about the snow in Midland yesterday and the subsequent canceling of school for a snow day. That reminded me that while we lived in Texas Brian got at least 3 snow days. I know that the real reason for snow days in Texas is not actually the snow, it’s the lack of any way to deal with it. There are no snow plows, roads aren’t salted, and no one knows how to drive in the stuff so it’s better for everyone if people just stay home. (By the way, just a side note here to the city of Midland– having trucks sprinkle gravel on the loop is not even close to a good way to deal with ice.) Colorado, on the other hand, is always prepared for the snow which makes snow days MUCH more rare.

What I think is funny though is the comparison of what warrants a snow day in Texas versus what warrants one in Colorado. Take my experiences for example:

In Texas:
At least 3 snow days in 2 years of school. There was never more than an inch of snow, and one of the days school was cancelled just because it was SUPPOSED to snow. (It did NOT.)
In Colorado:
Going to school kindergarden-12 as well as 4 years of college in Colorado got me one single snow day ever. ONE. And that one doesn’t even really count because it actually happened in college over spring break. (They did send out an e-mail announcing that all buildings on campus would be closed for the day, but obviously spring break meant no classes had to be cancelled.) Do you want to know how much snow it took to get us that snow day? 60 inches. That’s SIXTY. As in FIVE WHOLE FEET of snow.
We always hoped for snow days growing up. If only I’d know that to get them I just needed to move to Texas…

6 thoughts on “It makes me laugh

  1. It DOES snow a lot in Boulder, they should hand out snowshoes at freshman orientation, then they could never EVER call a snow day! Like Colorado should have snow, Denver should be country (John Denver, anyone?). It's mentioned in lots of country songs, yet it's a really big city – quite a letdown for anyone expecting horses, plains, the rodeo circuit in the summer or a peaceful snowy winter. That's just not the way it is.

  2. I know what you mean! And there are more accidents here in the one inch of snow than there were in UT. Closing things down is the safest route even if it drives us snow country people crazy!

  3. I thought in MN they should have "cold days" because one time I seriously started crying on my way from the school out to the car because the cold was so physically painful! Brr. Texans are wussies! Ahahahahah just kidding.

  4. I think I had a few more snow days growing up in Denver, but only a handful! Washington sounds the same as Texas. If there was any flurries in the forecast all the canned foods and bottled water in the stores were gone and everything was closed.

  5. Ha ha ha. I thought it was funny that school was cancelled. I was out driving around by 10AM. I there were so many car accidents because Midlanders do not know what to do with ice. We spent a year in Iowa and many in Utah so we can drive in snow.

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