An upside

As I said in my last post, Kalena is up bright and early and Will has been sleeping his mornings away. The big upside to this is that it means Kalena gets lots of mommy time in the morning before Will starts being needy. This is good because as far as I can tell, Kalena’s neediness these days is based ENTIRELY on how needy Will is at the moment. If he’s sleeping in the bouncer? She’s happy to entertain herself. If he’s crying and I pick him up? She is right in front of me needing “Up! Up!” (in her whiniest 19 month old voice.)

This definitely makes for hard afternoons when Kalena is getting tired (and thus whiney already) and Will is cluster feeding. Kalena usually starts pointing at the baby and then at the bouncer and signing “please” over and over because she wants me to put him down. But mostly she’s good. She likes to watch me change his diaper and she’ll bring me a diaper or pacifier (sometimes when I ask, sometimes just when *she* thinks he needs one) and she wants to help hold to bottle anytime we give him one. Now if only she would start sleeping until like 8 am life would be perfect:)

2 thoughts on “An upside

  1. I love that she wants you to "please" put him in the bouncer and attend to her! She uses such good manners while simultaniously being rude 🙂 I have the same personal time thing with my guys – late night with Eli (so sweet), early morning with Patrick (lots of snuggles and books) and I love it. I'm glad you're enjoying yours with Kalena and Will!

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