I forgot the crazy part

Don’t ask me how I forgot this part of the birth story. While Will’s body was being delivered the umbilical cord snapped. For no apparent reason. The doctor said she sees that sometimes if the cord is wrapped around the neck, but his wasn’t. Did you know that when an umbilical cord snaps it can get blood all the way across a hospital room? Well, now you do.

Also, I know I mentioned in that first post that my heart rate was high, but I don’t think I ever actually said how high. Most of the time I was being monitored it was around 125 bpm. High enough that the anesthesiologist made the nurse take my temperature again because he couldn’t believe my heart rate was that high without me running a fever. He said he was worried about me having some sort of infection.

2 thoughts on “I forgot the crazy part

  1. I say the bloody, snapping umbilical cord is worse. When my c-section hematoma (after Patrick) shot blood across the room and onto the doctor I thought it was grosser than when my water broke. I apologised for the water, but not the blood because the doctor examining my c-section thought nothing was wrong and was going to send me home. HA! Take THAT squirt of blood, doctor!

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