Maybe I’ll just do a whole series about Kalena and food

Most mornings I drink slim fast for breakfast.* The powdered kind that you mix yourself, not the cans. This means that what Kalena sees is me with a big glass of chocolate milk. Obviously she doesn’t know the difference between slim fast and plain old chocolate milk. So then she wants some. And today she decided she’d just help me out with making her some chocolate milk.

I love that the Nesquik container is like half as tall as she is. By the way, some mornings, if she’s not interested in eating, I just give her slim fast in her sippy cup. Genius or bad parenting?
*This really has nothing to do with weight loss, (although, joining Weight Watchers again next week) I drink it because I like it.

3 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll just do a whole series about Kalena and food

  1. Genius – it's easy, and probably healthier than chocolate milk since it's all fortified and has more calories than regular chocolate milk – good for that girlish figure of hers! Patrick gets hot chocolate all the time since I like to drink it when it's cold and he likes to drink what I'm drinking. I call that genius because he drinks a lot of water that way!

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