Maybe it’s because I took French in high school?

It REALLY bugs me when people use french words or phrases that they don’t realize are French. It’s not so obvious if it’s just being said, but when people type out french words phonetically it is PAINFULLY obvious.

For example, today I saw this on a blog: “Zoot-a-lo!”

People. That is not some made up exclamation. It should be “zut alors” and it translates to something like “dang it” or “darn it.”

Also, it’s “voilà” not “walla.”

Maybe I should mention here that it bugs me just as much when people screw up english expressions by just writing what they hear. I read this sentence in a book the other day, “I’d just assume leave things the way they are.” That doesn’t even make sense! I know that “just assume” sounds a lot like “just as soon” but the DON’T mean the same thing. A note here to the editor of that book– um, isn’t it your job to catch stuff like that? Yeah, I thought so.

So. What bugs you today?

8 thoughts on “Maybe it’s because I took French in high school?

  1. My HS english teacher hated it when people said "That's my forte" and pronounced it the Italian way instead of the French way. The French way means strength but the Italian way means loud.What bugs me today are dogs that wake me up 10 times a night to go outside and drink rainwater from a mudhole. And 3 year olds who wet the bed 45 minutes before my alarm goes off.

  2. Yesterday I was organizing all of these software programming binders because we just recently reorganized our office space. This old lady in our work group kept watching me. After I was finished she must have came in after I was done and rearranged some of the items…what was the point of that! If she has so much time on her hands to be watching my every move then why on earth did I waste my time in the first place doing? She could have just done it!

  3. It bugs me, just enough to make this nit picking (or is is knit picking?) little comment, when people mean to write "they" but leave off the "y", resulting in a sentence that doesn't make sense.

  4. Ditto to dad – haha!Today at lunch w/ a bunch of moms we were talking about how many times we've had to eat our words since we've become parents; you just never know how much your judgement of others will come back to haunt you! So I guess being "haunted" bugs me 🙂

  5. I get nervous when I read your posts like this. I hope you only look at pics on my blog because I'm pretty sure I make a lot of mistakes. I usually don't even have time to edit them!

  6. I just heard one in a team meeting this week. A lady said "that was my fuu paw. And it was a big fuu paw. I should've known better than to make that fuu paw." OK, seriously?! You just said it WRONG three times! I'm glad she wasn't typing it because I'm sure she wouldn't have known that it's faux pas. (foh paw)

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