MORE downfalls of digital cameras

Remember when I posted before about digital camera downfalls? (You: uhhh, no.) Well, I did.

Anyway, I got ambitious about scrabooking again. Not that I’m anywhere CLOSE to finishing with all those other pictures, but I thought it was about time to print some more. I started looking through all the pictures on my hard drive and realized that I have like a gazillion pictures on there. Apparently I am incapable of deleting pictures. In fact, not only am incapable of deleting them, I am paranoid about ACCIDENTALY deleting them. That would explain why I have mulitple copies of most of the pictures, sometimes with different names, sometimes in different folders. It would also explain why I have pictures of events that I wasn’t even at. I mean, my nephews are cute, but do I really need a dozen pictures of Patrick at the zoo? No. Are they on my computer anyway? Yes indeed.
It’s a mess. So today I’m working on sorting it all out and deleting some of that mess. Note to self: in the future, print pictures more often and DELETE pictures more often. Also? Maybe stop taking 8,000 pictures of everything AND insisting on copies of everyone else’s pictures just because you can. Because let’s be honest, I’m probably only going to scrabook about 5 of those.

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