2 months

As of Tuesday Will is 2 months old. He started smiling at about 8 weeks, but they’re still hard to get out of him. He sleeps pretty well most nights, definitely better than Kalena did at this age. He has started having periods where he cries inconsolably though, which is something Kalena NEVER did. Feeding (nursing or bottle) always calmed her down. I think he does it when he’s overtired (or overstimulated maybe.) But MAN. It’s hard to know what to do for him. He cries if I try to nurse him, or give him a bottle, or give him a pacifier, or swaddle him, or rock him. He’ll quit crying if you get him in the right position, but only for a few minutes. The problem is, the only thing that settles him down once he gets like that is to get him to sleep. And it is TRICKY to get him to sleep when nothing that normally puts him to sleep will work.
Anyway, here are some pictures. I was trying to get a smile, this was the best I got.

4 thoughts on “2 months

  1. I don't know if you breastfeed but if you do, my kids were VERY sensitive if I ate dairy or peanut butter. Once I cut them out of my diet they stopped projectile vomitting and crying inconsolibly. I only say it because pediatricians never seem to think about it. Anyhoo, either way I am sure it will pass soon! He is adorable!

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