Party time

Friday was Brian’s birthday and also my nephew Espen’s birthday. Since Brian is in Texas we’re celebrating his birthday next week, but we got to celebrate Espen’s birthday yesterday which was fun. My parents got him this adorable tiny chair:

Pretty sure Kalena is going to need one of those when she turns two.

Amy made this ridiculously cute Elmo cake (or Memo as Espen says). It took 2 and 1/2 bottles of red food coloring to get the frosting red instead of pink. I had 2 slices because it was DELICIOUS. And then I discovered that when I consume red food coloring in large doses I break out in hives all over my body. Fun huh? That fact did not deter me from eating more cake today.

Espen and Kalena enjoying their cake. No hives there:)

Eric, Amy, and Espen.

Happy birthday!

4 thoughts on “Party time

  1. That is a great cake, and I LOVE the chair! I think Millie might need one, too…It was great to see Brian yesterday at church. It's sad to see you guys go for good, but aren't blogs the best? You're never REALLY gone!

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