Required reading

Kalena loves books. She loves looking at them by herself, but she also loves to be read to. I don’t mind reading to her, but I do have my preferences about what I read. Since she’s not old enough to be really interested in the STORY part of reading, I prefer to read her books that are fun to read out loud. I like books that rhyme and that have a good rhythm to them. Not only are those more fun to read, they’re easier to memorize which is good when Kalena wants to turn the pages at her own pace (aka much faster than I can actually read them.)
I’ve mostly stuck to Dr. Seuss with some Sandra Boynton thrown in for good measure. (We have other books, I just avoid reading them most of the time.) But last time Kirsta was here, she had a couple library books for Patrick that we both LOVED. The first is this one:

Not only does this book have a cute story with a nice moral, it rhymes AND it has lots of animal noises! And, even BETTER, it comes in a board book! (A board book that isn’t missing any of the story.) My mom was nice enough to buy us each a copy of this one (well, she’s still working on getting a copy for Espen- B&N only keeps one in stock at a time.)
The other one is this one:

This book is WAY fun to read because he rhymes everything with “track.” Plus he’s very dramatic in his storytelling, which is cute in a children’s book. I ordered this one online.
Kalena seems to like them both. Yesterday she made me read “I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track” five times. And then she got mad because I wouldn’t read it again. (Any book gets old after 5 times through. In a row.) Seriously though, fun books. What are some of your favorites?

6 thoughts on “Required reading

  1. I also prefer to read books that rhyme. Our favorite is "I'll Teach my dog a lot of Words." We also read Goodnight Moon every night but it is super weird, lol. And sometimes when we read one line of a book, like "Runaway Bunny", Amelia starts screaming to let us know that's not her favorite.

  2. Patrick's new favorite is "Put me in the Zoo" – very old, and only about 3 colors in the illustrations (like they just shade lightly with red to make orange – it's not the same!) but it hasn't lost any of its charm! Easily memorized as well. I want to check out the 2nd Blue Truck and Ant books, I think they'd be a hit, too.

  3. And I forgot to mention another favorite – Two by Two, by Barbara Reid. The "illustrations" are AWESOME because the whole book is made out of molding clay! Really, really cute, plus it's the story of Noah and the ark, so you can't go wrong on content 🙂

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