Do people really use those?

It’s getting nice around here- 60 degrees today- so I’m getting a little antsy staying in the house all day. I’m still shopping for a double stroller. I’m having a hard time choosing, mostly because I’d like to actually try one out. The selection of double strollers in stores around here? PATHETIC. I’ve seen exactly ONE. Which means I’m going to end up ordering online, without actually having SEEN it, and that annoys me. Also, it annoys me a little that I’m going to end up ordering a stroller that doesn’t match my car seat because even if I get a graco stroller (to go with our graco car seat), they don’t carry the same pattern as the car seat. I don’t actually WANT a matching stroller, but it still annoys me.

ANYWAY, all this to say, I noticed something as I was shopping online for strollers. There are like a million options for rain covers for strollers. RAIN COVERS. I don’t even want to walk from the car to a store when it’s raining, let alone go for a walk! Who uses those? Are there really people out there so dedicated to walking (or running, most likely) that they feel the need to bundle up their kids and put a rain cover on the stroller and head out? Crazy.

5 thoughts on “Do people really use those?

  1. No idea why they were even invented! If you happen to be in Denver sometime and want a Graco Quattro Tour Duo I am selling one. We got a sit and stand instead. What type do you think you are going to get?

  2. Actually see them in use quite a bit out here on the east coast. Not necessarily when it's raining, just looks like it's going to rain. I always think that it seems stuffing your kid in a plastic shopping bag…

  3. I walked with M when it was snowing every other day no matter what. I'd bundle him off and off we'd go. We both loved it and he rarely got sick. The cold air was good for him. I wouldn't have minded a rain cover.

  4. There were TONS of them in Europe. people walk so much, weather doesn't deter them at all. They even had strollers with built in mummy bags for the tikes. They looked like littel burritto babies! So cute!

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