Things to remember

Just some things I want to remember about Kalena at this age.
She’ll “count” but she only says “two.” Doooo, doooo, doooo.
She’ll say “a” and “b” but then she just repeats them as if they make up the rest of the alphabet as well.
She’s started saying “please” in addition to signing it (and sometimes instead of signing.) It’s pretty cute, but I’m going to miss her over-enthusiastic full body “please” sign when she gives it up all together.
She has a favorite shirt and she insists on wearing it anytime it’s clean.

She LOVES eggs. Cooked every way you can cook them. She requests them almost every day.
She always wants diaper cream. This one is my fault really. A couple months ago she kept bringing me the diaper cream and wanting me to put it on her hands like it was lotion. So I kept telling her it wasn’t lotion, it was cream for her bum bum. It took a couple days for her to get the idea, then for a few weeks she didn’t say anything about it. But then she started pointing at it when I changed her diaper and saying “Mum mum! Mum mum!” and I asked if she wanted some cream for her bum bum and she got all excited. Now she asks for it pretty much every diaper change.
If she thinks I’m going to say no to something she wants, she’ll answer for me. For instance, if she wants to watch Finding Nemo she’ll say, “Ish? Uh huh.” Or if she wants to go to the store or the park, “Buh bye? Yah.” It’s pretty cute. Doesn’t stop me from saying no though.
I’ll miss this.

4 thoughts on “Things to remember

  1. I think that may be the first picture I've seen where she looks like you! I'm super-proud that her favorite shirt is from me – does that also mean I'm her favorite aunt? Or is she still afraid you'll leave her alone with me for 5 days? Speaking of, we'll have to do that again some time, we really had a blast!

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