This won’t last forever

I have to keep reminding myself of that these days. I would like potty training to be over. I KNOW it’s going to take awhile (probably a LONG while) before Kalena is completely potty trained, but I can wish, right? It’s sort of like wishing for a whole night’s sleep when you have a newborn. You know you aren’t going to get it, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting it.

I’m not going to say much about potty training because, even though she’s not even two yet, she deserves a little privacy. I don’t want her hating me years from now for things I posted on this blog. I will say it’s going well. We started Thursday and I went with the hard-core method– naked for 3 days. No more diapers. She caught on quickly and she is having more successes than accidents, so that’s good. It did put a damper on taking Easter egg hunting pictures though. As cute as she looked in a sweatshirt and tennis shoes, I didn’t think she’d want that particular moment captured forever.
I feel a little stuck at home while we do this which is weird. I don’t normally feel “stuck” even though I’m here with no car every day. Also, I have taken her out a few times (pull-ups for outings); I guess I just feel like she’ll get the hang of things sooner if we stay here more. We’re going to Denver this weekend, so I really hope that doesn’t undo all the progress we’ve made. (Please tell me it won’t.) Well, no turning back now.

2 thoughts on “This won’t last forever

  1. The naked thing really works but it's hard to stay home. I haven't been able to and Lib is only trained if she's naked. I haven't had the option of just staying home enough. For me traveling has not helped in the process but when we got home with Lib she's still trained naked – but no where near trained if not.

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