Thank you Sesame Street

I went and bought Kalena some underwear at the start of this whole potty training deal. And I found the whole process to be a little frustrating. Of course I wanted to get her some character ones, to make her more interested in them.

Here are the movies Kalena would recognize characters from: Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, or The Incredibles.
Here are the characters Disney puts on girls underwear: Fairies or Princesses.
If it were a t-shirt or something I’d just get her one from the boys section, but it’s just not the same with underwear. Also? There were NO Monsters Inc underwear, boys or girls. What’s up with that Disney? I also found that underwear is apparently sized differently than clothes. Kalena is just starting to wear a 3T, but according to the size chart on the underwear, her weight puts her squarely in a 4T. AND, if you buy the Disney underwear in the toddler section it’s $1.50 more for a pack of 7 than buying a the same pack of 7 from the girls section in a size 4 (as opposed to 4T. They’re the SAME. I checked the size chart.)
So anyway, I’d like to thank Sesame Street for making girls underwear with Elmo. It’s probably a marketing ploy to sell underwear that goes along with Elmo’s Potty Time DVD, but WHATEVER. Worked on me.
I don’t even think Kalena cares. *Sigh*

2 thoughts on “Thank you Sesame Street

  1. Jordan had the same issue – she kept picking the boy Sesame Street ones (Grover, Cookie Monster, etc). We ended up with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (girls) because the 1 pack of her size girl Elmo panties had been raided and was missing a pair. I talked with a friend and she said she uses her son's hand-me-down undies for her daughter and that her daughter actually likes them better than the girl ones. Good luck!!!

  2. I just put Charlotte in her brother's Handy Manny undies…she looks kind of cute in them and she won't wear the princess ones. Now with Cooper, he's all about loving pink and begs to wear his sister's Minnie mouse undies…uh, can't bring myself to say yes to him!

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