I know, slow and steady and all that.

This whole losing weight thing is a little tedious. It’s fun at first, seeing the number on the scale go down, but after awhile it gets boring. I just want to be done already. (Apparently wanting to be done with things is a theme in my life.) It probably doesn’t help that both my sisters got the “I’m breastfeeding so not only will I lose all my pregnancy weight in like a week, I can eat whatever I want all the time and STILL lose MORE weight” gene. Both of them have complained about being too skinny. I, on the other hand, got the “I’m breastfeeding so my body holds on to EVERY SINGLE calorie I consume. You know, in case I need all those fat reserves” gene. Fun times for me.

It’s not that losing weight has been particularly hard this time around; Weight Watchers does what I need it to. It’s the time it takes that gets to me. I’m averaging about a pound a week (give or take) which is good. That’s a healthy amount to lose. BUT. It means that the next 25 lbs I want to lose is going to take me 25 weeks! That’s like forever! Okay, not forever, but still. A long time. A really long time when I want to buy new clothes. Every time I clothes shop I think, “Will this still fit when I lose another 10 lbs? Should I wait a few weeks before I buy new jeans?” It’s annoying.
Of course, I’m writing this post after having had dinner at Red Robin and ice cream for dessert. What? It’s my sister in law’s birthday tomorrow. We were celebrating. Food doesn’t have calories on birthdays, right?
Anyway, I’m hoping the warmer weather will mean more walks, more time at the park, more time in the yard, and less being parked on the couch. Maybe all that will speed this whole process up a little. Maybe not eating at Red Robin will also speed it up. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “I know, slow and steady and all that.

  1. I know how you feel. I usually averaged a lb. or two a week and lately have lost none. I have the same gene with breastfeeding. I didn't start loosing until after I was done despite the fact my workout hardly changed. It's annoying! I feel your pain.

  2. I can gain 5 pounds literally in one weekend, yet it will take 2 months to take off. I need a magic weightloss pill…wouldn't that be awesome!

  3. I drop weight right after the baby is born, but then hold on to everything until about 9 months no matter what I do and then start losing again. It is frustrating. I still have not done any clothes shopping since Nora was born, I was waiting until she weans, but a couple months after that we might start trying again, what a cycle. I am going on a huge shopping spree in 5 or so years when I am done having babies and breastfeeding!

  4. I understand completely. With Eli, the weight fell off in just a few months. Tate is nw 8.5 months old and I am not even close….my body is hanging on to EVERY calorie I eat. Let me know when you find the magic answer!

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