Zoo time

My mom and I took the kids to Denver over the weekend. Kari and Jonathan came up with Amelia and we all stayed at Kirsta’s house. For those of you keeping track, that’s 6 adults and 5 children in a 3 bedroom house. Because we were feeling either very brave, or very stupid, we put Kalena and Patrick in the same room. It actually worked well, amazingly enough. Good thing too since the three babies woke up plenty.
We went to the zoo on Saturday, a first for Kalena (and Will, obviously.) She enjoyed it. Her favorite part was the carousel of course. Why would she care about the animals when there was a carousel? Anyway, I’ll have more pictures when I get them from Kari, but it was interesting to have both my kids at the zoo. It was interesting to see how different their temperaments are. Kalena LOVES to be out. No matter how tired she gets, she won’t sleep when she’s out. She’s always been that way. She doesn’t get cranky though, she just stays wide awake, taking everything in. And when the outing is over, she is DONE. The zoo meant no nap for Kalena, and she was fine the whole time we were there, but as soon as we hit the parking lot, she was out.
Exhibit A: Asleep before we got to the car.

Will is NOT that way. He gets overstimulated and then he cries. And cries. And CRIES. And then he won’t go to sleep. He gets really bad if it goes on too long. So with him, the zoo was one long, constant effort to keep him from getting overstimulated. Of course, the BEST way to keep him from overstimulation is sleep, but, ironically, he won’t sleep if there’s lots going on. He did finally go to sleep after eating, being swaddled, and then laying him down in the stroller with the sun shade up and a blanket over the top so he couldn’t see anything. It’s strange though to have two kids who handle the same situation so differently. I might think it has to do with age, but Kalena has always been like that. I’ll be curious to see if Will stays this way too. Which camp do your kids fall into?

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