For not talking much about potty training I sure am talking a lot about potty training.

Some days I think potty training would be easier if Kalena were a little older. She’s not very verbal yet, and although she can sign “potty” and sort of say it (sounds like pah-ee), she can’t REALLY tell me yet when she needs to go, so there’s a lot of guessing involved on my part. Also, she doesn’t have the physical coordination yet to pull down pants or underwear, so I get to do that too. It’s not hard, but the times when I have to quit in the middle of nursing and put down a screaming baby and go help Kalena, I really wish she could do it on her own. Especially when I do all that and it turns out that all she wanted was to sit for 3 seconds and then go back to doing whatever she was doing.

That said, I think there are definitely benefits to doing it when she’s this age. For one thing, it isn’t a fight. She’s not old enough to realize she could refuse to go in the potty. She hasn’t reached the stage of freaking out about trying new things. (At least, I hear that’s a stage. Maybe some kids are just less likely to freak out?) And one of the biggest benefits (in my opinion) is that when she gets more verbal, and can work the pants/underwear on her own? She’ll already be trained! I am very much looking forward to that day.
P.S. I totally won the $100.

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