The swaddle dilemma

Will has learned how to get out of his swaddle. It doesn’t matter if he’s swaddled in a blanket or one of those special “swaddle blankets” with the velcro (actually those don’t work as well as a normal blanket) he can get out. If he really tries he can get out in a matter of seconds after he’s swaddled. Normally I’d think, okay, time to lose the swaddle. BUT. He will NOT sleep unless he’s swaddled. Like, there are times in the middle of the night that all he needs is re-swaddled. Doesn’t nurse, just needs to be wrapped up.

So, what to do? I’m really not a fan of waking up every few hours to re-swaddle. Especially since my middle of the night swaddles are not the best. But I don’t think he would sleep at all if I quit swaddling. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to do this? Can I train him not to need it somehow? The worst part of all this is that I don’t remember ANYTHING about when we quit swaddling Kalena. Don’t know when it happened, or how she did, or what brought it about. Nada. It must not have been a big deal, (I’m pretty sure I’d remember if it was) so I guess I didn’t feel the need to blog about it. Lesson learned. Blog about EVERYTHING. You– Please don’t. Anyway, more talk (read: complaining) later about how Will USED to sleep for 6 hours at a time and now he’s back to 3 or 4 hours. Sad.

5 thoughts on “The swaddle dilemma

  1. We got Nora a long strip of stretch knit material at walmart, cut it about 18 inches wide and wrapped her about 5 times, just her arms, it did not cover her legs. It would hold her in pretty good for a long time. Better than any of the swaddling blankets. I think both of my girls were swaddled until about 6 months, when they could roll over and need their arms. I did read an article after Nora was done swaddling about how long term swaddling can hinder the development of their hips and slow physical development… both of my girls were a little late to crawl and walk, I think the sleep might have been worth it though!

  2. As Tate wiggled out of his swaddle, I just wrapped tighter. But it seems as soon as you figure something out, they change what they like, right?The marshmallow fondant is so easy to work with, I think. E-mail me when you want to give it a shot. I will give you all the tips I can.

  3. Angel Trimble in our ward swaddles their arms first. She wraps it around their arms and tucks it under them before the actual swaddle. Her baby is 7mo. I don't know if that' show you already do it but I thought I'd throw it out there.

  4. Do you think he likes the squeeze or gets cold without it? If he likes the squeeze, you might try having him sleep in the bouncey seat at night and buckle the lap belt around the blanket as an extra measure to keep the swaddle on. If he gets cold without it, you can switch to the zippered sleeping bags.

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