The Lip

When Kalena is sad, (genuinely, sincerely sad, not faking it sad) her bottom lip sticks out before she starts to cry. It sticks WAY out. (Did she do this when she was a baby? Anyone in Midland remember?) Like, ridiculously far out. Far enough that it makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE time. I’m probably scarring her for life, laughing when she’s truly sad about something. ANYWAY. I’ve never been able to catch it on camera, unfortunately. Not that I haven’t tried. I have. But once her lip comes out, the crying is imminent. I’m never quick enough with the picture taking.
Enter Will. Will does the lip thing too. Pretty much from the day he was born. BUT. With Will, crying isn’t always imminent. It’s like his lip is a little happiness meter, and when it’s out you’d better fix whatever is wrong. He will cry if you don’t, but it’s like he doesn’t want to get worked up for nothing if you’re going to fix it right away. So the other day when he started to give my mom “The Lip” I grabbed the camera and clicked away.
About to be sad.

He gave me a GREAT profile shot. It really does “The Lip” justice.

Makes me laugh just to look at these.

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