The zoo pictures

I promised pictures of the zoo, so here they are.
Kari with Will. He really didn’t know what all the fuss was about.

Patrick and Kalena ride the train with Kirsta. That was a big hit. Who needs animals when there’s a train?!

Riding the zebra on the carousel. I know it doesn’t look like it here, but it was definitely Kalena’s favorite part. She spent the whole ride with a big smile saying, “Wow. Wow.” Fun to see. But, apparently, not so easy to catch a picture of. Oh well.
The zoo is quite a different experience with two kids. I spent considerably more time maneuvering the stroller than I did actually looking at animals. I guess that’s life with kids eh? Also, we took some pictures of the animals, but I know you all just really want to see pictures of the kids right? I tried to get some of Kalena looking at the animals, you know, capture the excitement and all that jazz. Mostly I ended up with pictures of the back of her head as she looked at exhibits. The world’s best photographer I am not.

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