Quitting the co-sleeping

I’ve been co-sleeping with Will.  There are lots of reasons, the biggest one being that it makes things easier.  When he was brand new, diaper changes were easier when he was already right there next to me.  It’s easier to pick him up and nurse him back to sleep if I don’t first have to get up, get out of bed, go down the hall, get him out of a crib and then nurse him.  Plus, MY sleep is at stake.  Getting up and out of bed to nurse means I’ll take longer to fall asleep when I’m done, and I don’t do so well without enough sleep.

Lately though, he’d been waking me up.  Lots.  He would wake up once or twice (usually) to nurse, but then for the last few hours of sleep he’d fuss around (trying to get out of the swaddle mostly) and that would wake me up every 20 minutes or so.  And that SUCKED.  So I decided it was time to move him to his own room.  The first night in his own room I tried some new swaddling techniques- arms pinned with a blanket behind the back, then a swaddle over that- put a fan in the room for some white noise and hoped for the best.  And the BEST is what we got.  He slept for 8 1/2 hours Thursday night.  It was AWESOME.  We haven’t had another stretch that long, but I’m hoping we’ve turned a corner with the sleeping.  Maybe getting more sleep will make it easier for me to form coherent thoughts to blog about.  At least, I’m hoping this brain mush isn’t permanent.

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