Quite the jumble of thoughts and pictures.

We tried to get all gender neutral stuff when Kalena was a baby, with the thought that we didn’t want to have to buy all new stuff if we had a boy next.  Also, I’m not the biggest pink fan in the world.  I like it fine, but I didn’t want an all pink nursery or anything.  Well, when we found out we were indeed having a boy next, I was especially glad for the neutral colors.  Green carseat, brown and tan pack-n-play, blue stroller, green and tan vibrating chair.  We did, however, end up with a pink bumbo.  It was the only color they had in the store.  This means lots of pictures of my little guy in a bright pink chair.  Oh well.
I’m sure you’re all wondering about the initials on the bib.  (Because apparently I think my blog readers have nothing better to do with their time than wonder about my child’s clothing.)  The bib was a gift, or rather part of a gift basket, from Aldolphson & Peterson Construction.  No, that’s not the company Brian works for.  It’s a company his dad works with.  Sometimes.  I guess they really want to get in good with him, sending a gift basket for the birth of his grandson.  It had a lot of nice stuff.  ANYWAY, he’s not wearing it because I was feeding him.  (In case you weren’t paying attention to what I said about baby food.)  He’s wearing it because he’s a drooler, so if he’s not in a bib the front of whatever he’s wearing ends up soaked.  
Decided to take some pictures on the couch with no bib.  Classier than the pink bumbo with bib pictures.  Although, I left him in the duck sleep sack, so probably not the manliest pictures he’ll ever have.
As soon as Kalena realized I was taking pictures she wanted in on the action.  She is starting to smile when I ask her to, so that will make picture taking easier.
At least until she gets distracted.  
Will’s hair has gone blond, by the way.  It stayed dark longer than Kalena’s did.  I thought maybe it would stay dark for good, but I guess for now we’ve got another blondie.  They’re definitely looking like siblings these days.

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