Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.

I’m going to whine today so that tomorrow I can tell you whole-heartedly what an adorable two year old I have.

I’m not particularly looking forward to this week.  Brian will be gone all week for work and that makes me worn out just thinking about it.  Before y’all point this out, I know how spoiled I am.  Living with my parents means even though Brian is gone I have LOTS of help.  But I’m used to Brian doing certain things.  Like sitting next to Kalena during dinner and dealing with the mess that entails, and giving her a bath and getting her ready for bed every night.  The age Kalena is just wears me OUT.  I find it very emotionally draining to spend all day with her.  I know it’s just one of the stages she has to go through but MAN.  The whining and the crying and the tantrums and the FAKE crying and yelling “NO! NO! NO!” at everything. It’s exhausting.  It doesn’t help that she’s over this whole “being potty trained” thing and would now rather just continue what she’s doing than tell me when she needs to go.  I know backsliding after a skill is mastered is NORMAL but that doesn’t stop it from being ANNOYING.

Anyway, I’m going to venture a guess that the 2 to 4 age range is going to be my least favorite.  Do you have a favorite or least favorite stage?

3 thoughts on “Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.

  1. The age of not sleeping through the night. I know by now that it's my fault she's still waking up because she just has ME trained, but I wish someone could come to my house and sit with me in the middle of the night and coach me on letting her cry bc it's SO hard! Also, just don't give kalena a bath this week! That's my solution πŸ™‚

  2. I know what you are saying! Three has been a bit more challenging than two, but in some ways it is not so bad. They certainly exert their independence more and throw lots of fits, but the communication is better and they sort of get the 'wait a minute' thing.I agree with the bath thing πŸ™‚ use a baby wipe to clean her up if she needs it! she'll survive!

  3. I agree – this 2.5 year old is testing my patience! The screaming and crying and THE WHINING! But, I will say that there are good days. We haven't had to take Eli out of sacrement mtg for a couple months.

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