The birthday party

We had Kalena’s birthday party on Saturday, and despite rain when it was supposed to be sunny and warm, it was good.  Kalena has been very into the movie Up lately, and coincidentally my parents’ gift to her was a little playhouse, so we decided the presentation of the playhouse HAD to include some balloons.

Pretty stinkin’ cute huh?  Okay, well we all liked it.  Here’s Kalena trying out the house’s phone.  The phone was quite popular– she and Espen fought over that more than anything else.  Even though we had 3 other phones they could play with.  Apparently this one is the BEST phone.
Espen ringing the doorbell.  That’s what Kalena was doing in yesterday’s picture too.  It does ring, a lovely ring.  And by “lovely” I mean “quiet.”  The phone also makes nice quiet noises.
Trying out her new rocking horse, one of the gifts from Brian’s parents.  She’s quite a fan.
She was a little overwhelmed by everything, and every time she opened a gift she just wanted to play with that and not open anything else.  This happened even though we let her see the house and the horse and then she and Espen played with those while we MADE AND ATE lunch before doing anything with the other gifts.  
All in all it was a fun party.  I’m glad I didn’t make myself crazy over a theme or anything fancy though.  Especially since the balloons were the most popular item of the day.  Good thing we got rid of the box that house came in, otherwise it might have ended up being the favorite.

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