2 year check up

Kalena had her 2 year check up last week.  She is still a giant.  She weighs 30.4 lbs and is 35 1/2 inches tall.  That puts her in the 88% for weight and 90% for height.

I feel like she should be talking more, but she has a vocabulary of about 75 words, so I guess she’s doing fine.  I only know that because I had to guess at the appointment (and it turns out I am a very bad guesser) and wanted to know for sure so I made a list when we got home.  She understands MANY more words than she says, so sometimes I wonder if she just doesn’t bother with talking because everyone around here will do it for her.

In other news, we’re pretty sure Will is teething.  He’s always been a finger sucker, but then that turned into fist gnawing and hours-long scream fests.  Tylenol settles him right down, but I’m hoping these teeth don’t take too long to come in.  And don’t worry, it’s not real Tylenol, I know that’s been recalled.  We always get the generic stuff.  I just can’t see a reason to pay more than twice as much for the EXACT SAME THING.  Obviously buying a name brand doesn’t guarantee it’s safer (see current recall!) so what’s the point?  Anyone?  Is there a point?

Kalena never had much of a problem with teeth.  They bothered her occasionally, but not like this.  Hers always came in bunches, and I’m sort of hoping his do too if he’s going to get so worked up about it.  Anyway, pretty sure this whole teething thing is also the reason for his reverting to newborn-like sleep patterns.  Not a fan of the waking every two hours.  It makes me tired, and I can’t manage to be all snarky and sarcastic when I’m tired.  I tell better stories when I’m well rested, people!  Maybe tonight he’ll go back to sleeping for 9 hours at a time.  Well, I can hope, right?

2 thoughts on “2 year check up

  1. I agree – I see no point to name brands…usually. Except I discovered this weekend I ONLY like French's mustard. But that doesn't have anything to do with medicine.Glad your kids are great. They are adorable!

  2. I hear ya about the teething, why do they revert back to newborns. Addison is teething too. It sucks!!!We use Ibuprofen, it has seemed to work better. Both her and Parker do better with it. We tried Tylenol and nothing. Hope Will gets them quickly!!

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