It’s a little bit empowering, but also a little obnoxious

I’ve always been one of those people. People who don’t send food back, or return things, or complain about service.  This comes mostly from laziness, I think.  I have just never thought it worth the effort to do that kind of stuff.  But lately that’s changed.  I don’t know why, but it has.  I’ve sent back food that wasn’t done right, returned things, even gone back and had a cashier re-ring up my stuff because she’d missed a sale price the first time.

It’s been interesting.  Of course it’s nice to get what you want.  But I always feel like that’s what you should be getting in the first place.  I mean, if I buy something and get it home just to find out it’s broken or missing a piece, that is ANNOYING.  I think what annoys me is that *I* have to do work because *someone else* screwed up.  Okay, it’s probably not a person’s fault if something is broken in the box, but you know what I mean.  In the past I’ve opted not to do that work, and to just deal with the screw up.  But lately I’ve decided I’d rather get what I want, even if it means extra work.  I hope being more assertive is a good thing, and it doesn’t just mean I’m getting bossier as I get older.  Because I’m bossy enough as it is.

What about you?  Are you a returner or a leave-it-alone-er?

3 thoughts on “It’s a little bit empowering, but also a little obnoxious

  1. I used to leave it alone and just have byer's remorse when I spent money on something I didn't like. But I'm trying to be more assertive – just like you. I think it's a good thing as long as you're nice about it. Although sometimes it's hard to be nice when you get a snotty person you're working with. Side note: as much as I like going shopping alone, I tend to get what I want more often when my kids are with me. A – because people think my kids are cute or B – because my kids are crying and people want me to get the heck out of their store. 🙂

  2. I am a returner. I've been known to spend 15minutes in line waiting for the store to figure out that they entered the wrong price on something. It isn't about the .25, it is about doing it right.Or I'm OCD. I don't know which.

  3. I agree – you are bossy enough as it is :)I have turned into a go-getter as well, one of those annoying people who goes to customer service to re-ring a purchase because they didn't take off the 75-cent markdown as advertised. I think mine is a product of working customer service – "hey, we'll believe ya! I'll take that 75-cents right off there, no problem." I used to think it was a problem, but now I know people can make mistakes, and it's worth checking into.

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