Names and nicknames

Do you call your kids nicknames?  Did you intend those nicknames when you named them?  When we named Kalena I didn’t really intend to use a nickname for her.  When we named Will, I intended to call him Will rather than William.  I think of that as just a shortened version of his name rather than a nickname though*.  We did talk some about nicknames, and we came to this brilliant conclusion: nicknames happen. You don’t plan them, you often can’t avoid them, they’re just part of life.  (Aren’t we brilliant?)

Anyway, I’m glad we came to this conclusion because, although I use their names here on the blog, I RARELY call my kids by their given names.  Kalena is mostly Missy or Miss (except when I really need to get her attention) and Will is almost always Buster, or Mr. Buster if we’re feeling formal.  Because, you know, formality is often a necessity with a 5 month old, right?  Right.  How did these nicknames come about?  I DON’T KNOW.  They just happened.  Now I just wonder how long they’ll last.

*Do you distinguish between “shortened names” i.e. Josh for Joshua or Brad for Bradley and nicknames?  I didn’t used to, but I do now.

8 thoughts on “Names and nicknames

  1. Brandon wouldn't pick any names that were usually shortened (William, Joshua, Jacob, etc). Allison is always Allison, sometimes Allison Grace. Jordan has become Jordy. Not sure how my obvious nickname name (Ali) doesn't have a nickname but the non-nickname one does. Both girls get called Turkey and Sweet Pea, but those are more pet names than nicknames.

  2. Shortened names aren't nicknames in my opinion. We shorten all the kids names (like Tar for Tara because that last a is so hard to say). Only Kyra is nicknamed. Amy's name for her, Kiki, was just too catchy. All of my girls get called Missy or Missy May and the boys are all Bud or Mister Man. Just terms of endearment and not nicknames.

  3. I call Liberty Libby or Vee (her middle name) or about a million other things. I've never thought about it being a nickname or not. I think we call Libby her nickname but I'm not sure.Mr. M we've always called Chi Chi. I guess that's a nickname?

  4. When we named the Pirate we intended to call him by a shortened version of his name, but never have. He just turned 5. The Bug was called "____ Bug" from day one, unsurprisingly this is why he got that name on my blog. He will answer to Bug or Buggy. His name does not shorten.

  5. we don't do nicknames. we name our kids the shortest form of the name (for instance, if we would use the name ben, not benjamin), and just stick to it. personally, i don't like nicknames…not that it's bad for other people to do it!!! 😀

  6. We have five kids and not a single one of them has a name-based nickname. We have Ah-Bah, Fry, Pinky, Squirrel, and T.I.—and you might think T.I. were his initials, but no.

  7. Nicknames are names that just happen, like your buster or (my kids) gee and fafa. Shortened names are like pre-planned nicknames, in a controversial category of their own. The only problem I have with names is having a child go by their middle name; obviously someone should have done some name re-arranging on the birth certificate.

  8. I don't like nicknames or shortened names, and I don't think I really distinguish between the two. I've always felt strongly about giving my children the names I'm going to call them. The dog, not so much.Cooper is Cooper. Except Charlotte used to call him Tooter, then it changed to Peppa, and now it's more of a Poopah. It cracks me up.Charlotte is Charlotte. Except Cooper used to call her Shot, and how he calls her Shawyotte. She still refers to herself as Shot.The dog Scout is nicknamed Scouty.

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