Unintended consequences. (Apparently I’m writing a whole Good Nite Lite series)

First of all, let me start by saying: Do you have any idea how much it annoys me that the company chose to spell it “Nite Lite”?  OH MAN.  Night and light are already only one letter different.  They didn’t need to be shortened to be cutesy rhyming words.  And really, there are WAY too many terrible spellers out there, companies shouldn’t be perpetuating bad spelling by naming products with misspelled words.  Make up words all you want, but PLEASE, for the sake of America’s education, don’t use real words with stupid spellings.  It hurts me every time I have to type it.  (I feel compelled to type it the way they spell it since it’s a product name.)

ANYWAY.  Back to the point.  (You: there’s a point?)  We bought this thing to help with the getting up too early situation.  What we didn’t realize was that it would also help with bedtime.  If Kalena doesn’t want to go to bed and you tell her that her moon is on?  She’s up the stairs in a heartbeat.  She has, on more than one occasion, declined to give good night kisses after we told her the moon was on.  She gets SO excited about it.  The moon ALWAYS gets kissed good night (the rest of us are chopped liver apparently.)  Lately (probably because it’s still light out) I hear her talking to herself for up to an hour after we put her to bed.  But even the nights she doesn’t go to sleep right away, she always goes to bed willingly.  Just one more reason to love the thing.

2 thoughts on “Unintended consequences. (Apparently I’m writing a whole Good Nite Lite series)

  1. I envy your success. I wish I could say the same for the monkeys. Cooper throws his to pop the face off so he can pry the eyes open. Charlotte just cries because the monkey is sleeping. We can't use the night light for Cooper because he would just take it out of the wall. Maybe I need to invent something that will work.

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