Buried treasure

This morning Kalena was walking around with an object I didn’t recognize, so when she put it down I went over to investigate.  Turns out it was this:

A two inch tall plastic Gizmo.  And for anyone who’s wondering, yes, I recognized him as Gizmo even though Gremlins is before my movie watching time.  Full disclosure: I’ve never seen it all the way through.
ANYWAY.  The thing was filthy.  Just covered in dirt.  (I washed it off, in case you’re wondering why it looks so clean in the picture.)  My mom told me Kalena just walked in from the yard with it yesterday so the dirt makes sense.  Here’s the thing though.  This isn’t her toy.  Nor was it ever my toy.  It didn’t come from the old toys we had in the house.  I’m FAIRLY certain she dug it up in the yard.  I’m guessing it belonged to one of my brothers.  (Eric, care to chime in on that one?)  I’m also guessing it’s been out in the dirt for, oh, 20 years or so?  There were rose bushes against the side of the house until last summer, so he could have been lost under there.  
However it ended up there, it was quite a blast from the past to see her walk in with it this morning.  What’s the craziest thing you’ve found in your yard? 

4 thoughts on “Buried treasure

  1. I have a recurring nightmare about Gremlins. It has to do with a swimming pool. I've had it since I was about five. Although much less frequently these days. I wonder whose it is? Mystery!

  2. We've found lots of weird stuff in our yard from the last people who lived here. My favorites are a little plastic hippo, a Mr. Potato head arm, and a star-ship trooper with only 1 arm (perhaps they go together?). We've found numerous bricks buried random places, though, which always makes us laugh: "of COURSE there's a brick buried here! Why wouldn't there be?"

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