Our newest Cowboys fan

I know it’s not football season yet, but Will is going to outgrow this onesie before it is.  And sadly, since we don’t live in Texas anymore, we can’t just walk into Albertson’s and get new Cowboys gear.  (Anyone in Texas want to pick us up some?)

Will is shocked at those of you that aren’t hard-core Cowboys fans like he is.

Here he is trying to look super adorable so that you’ll convert to being Cowboys fans.
Interestingly enough, it bothers me when parents put political outfits on their kids (just because you’re a democrat/republican/communist your kid is also a democrat/republican/communist?) but I have no problem with parents dressing their kids in sports team attire.  In fact, I usually find that adorable.  What’s the difference though, really?  

4 thoughts on “Our newest Cowboys fan

  1. I laughed outloud at his shocked face! But his adorable face probably won't get to me to like the cowboys, sorry Will. Sports attire is pretty cute. We'll probably get Amelia some pink broncos gear this year.

  2. Please get that man some Broncos gear. That's disgusting. ;)And why did you think of communist to complement dem/repub rather than socialist, libertarian, or something else? lol

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