Words and more words

Kalena seems to be in the midst of that “language explosion” that the pediatrician said she wanted to see happen about now.  She now regularly copies words we say to her, and is adding several words to her vocabulary each week by doing so.  Of course, I can understand them when she’s mimicking, (OBVS, since I JUST said it) but out of context things are a little sketchy.  It’s frustrating for me, but I’m sure it’s incredibly frustrating for HER since she is now using real, actual WORDS (ish) and I STILL don’t know what she wants.

She did say a three word phrase to me today, entirely unprompted!  She will put two words together quite a bit, and she’ll do three if you help, but this was all on her own.  What did my genius child say, I hear you asking?  “Wash pooh peez.”  For those of you who don’t speak toddler, that’s “Watch Pooh please.”  (Pooh as in “Winnie The”)  That’s right!  First unprompted three word phrase is a request for television.  Am so proud.

This may or may not have to do with the fact that there has been WAY too much TV watching going on here lately.  I was miserably sick on Friday, so Brian, because he is a SAINT, took Kalena to work with him.  Yes, his boss is awesome enough to be okay with that.  And, so he could you know, get some actual work done while she was there, she spent most of that time watching Winnie the Pooh.  Then she’s been off lately (maybe a touch of what I had) which also results in extra TV time to cut down on the whining.   Oh MAN the whining.  She is not a particularly whiny two year old, but when she’s sick she’s a champion whiner.  In fact, that’s usually our biggest clue that she’s not feeling well.

Anyway, I’m sure she’s glad to know that all these words are actually good for something.  How else can you request your favorite show, right?

3 thoughts on “Words and more words

  1. I thought the same thing! I also thought "poo peas.. (poopies?) that's only one word! It's only a 2-word sentence, dork." Patrick asks "winnie pooh moonie?" and "two moonies?" He always wants ONE MORE movie, no matter how many he's watched. There has been copious amounts of movies here, too, with being sick and terrible weather combined.

  2. So cute! It's funny how each parents has to interpret their child's language. To me, it makes perfect sense. To my mom on the phone – she has NO clue what was said.I wish Kalena and Eli could be neighbors. I think they'd have so much fun together! 😦

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