I’m a scaredy cat, but also a Stephen King fan

I like Stephen King.  I’ve read lots of his stuff, and I recently picked up Duma Key, one I hadn’t read.  It is creepy.  Shocking right?  Creepy novel by horror author.  Anyway, I’m kind of a big wuss when it comes to scary stuff.  I don’t watch horror movies.  I won’t even watch scary suspense by myself.

I can handle scary books a *little* better, if only because my imagination is apparently not as gruesome as that of movie producers.  Usually if a book starts freaking me out my solution is to finish it.  But this one is sort of long.  So what am I doing?  Oh, reading it late at night, by myself after Brian goes to bed.  GREAT way to not get freaked out.  And let me just tell you, catching a glimpse of a tangle of dolls legs (on a bed where there are not normally dolls) in the moonlight after reading creepy novel late at night by myself?  A LITTLE unsettling.

I would tell you I’ve learned my lesson, but pretty sure I haven’t.

2 thoughts on “I’m a scaredy cat, but also a Stephen King fan

  1. I won't watch horrer movies either, but lately it's been some not-so-scary stuff that gave me bad/weird dreams. Like Twilight and Avatar. Annoying. I guess I have to read all books and watch all movies during the day, just in case!

  2. I read one of his books that was so captivating but so bad. I won't even admit which one because I should have put this particular one down due to excessive amounts of nastiness. But I was so enthralled with the dang story. Now I don't dare pick another one up.

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