I wish they lived here

My sister Kari and the lovely miss Amelia are coming to visit today!  YAY!  I keep trying to get her to move back here, but she’s always giving me all these excuses.  Like that Jonathan “has a job in Pueblo” and “they own a house there” and a whole bunch of junk.

ANYWAY.  We’ll be doing lots of fun stuff, like going to Dinosaur Journey every day.  Okay, I don’t know that I could handle going every day, although I’m pretty sure Kalena will want to.  It didn’t impress her too much last summer, but we went the other day and then she got obsessed.  She keeps asking, “nious?”  (That’s dinosaurs, if you didn’t catch that.  Yeah, I didn’t either.)  We ended up going back the next day to buy a family pass.

There’s more going on this week, but since I’m pretty sure reading my schedule for the week would bore you all to tears, I won’t post it.  Instead I’ll just post about things as they happen, so instead of being bored to tears by bullet points you can be bored to tears by entire posts!  HA!

Fine, I’ll try not to bore you.  No guarantees though.

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