More big firsts

Because Kari and Amelia are here we had to deal with sleeping arrangements.  In case you forgot, we’re currently living with my parents.  Before we lived here, they had 3 empty bedrooms.  Now they have zero. Here’s how things have been arranged:
Bedroom one: Brian and I have room with a queen bed.
Bedroom two: Kalena’s room has a crib and twin beds pushed together with a mattress topper to make it a king bed.
Bedroom three:  Has a queen bed and Will sleeps in a pack-n-play.

In the past we probably would have just set up a second pack-n-play in our room and moved Will in there so Kari and Amelia could stay in his room.  But miss Amelia is almost a year old, and getting a little big for a pack-n-play.  (Although, she is teeny.  Like, I’m pretty sure Will outweighs her.  I’ll find out for sure and let you know.  (Incidentally, this also means Will is getting a little big for a pack-n-play.))  SO.  We decided we should just get a toddler bed for Kalena and let Amelia sleep in the crib.

Yes, no preparation, no reading up on the best way to transition.  We decided on Sunday that we would switch her to a toddler bed and then yesterday we did.  She did fine last night, but got out of bed around 6:30 this morning, despite her Good Nite Lite.  She didn’t nap in there this afternoon.  (That was her choice though, she requested a nap in the crib.)  To avoid her leaving her room before we want her to, we turned the door knob around so we can lock it from the outside.  And before anybody gets all judgmental about locking her in there, what’s the difference between that and sticking her in a crib, or putting a child proof thing on the door knob?  Whichever way you do it, the point is that they’re stuck in there.  It’s for her own safety, there’s a loft she could fall from if she got out.  (My mom has a serious paranoia about it, and it’s rubbed off on me.)

ANYWAY.  Toddler bed.  And Mr. Will is eating baby food now.  As of lunch today.  Messy face pictures later.

3 thoughts on “More big firsts

  1. Leah's door has a lock on the outside. We actually installed a lock up high on the outside that she can not reach. I thought about turning a door knob around, but had visions of her locking us in there and we would be stuck! Make sure you keep something on the inside to unlock it!

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