Busy week: Country Jam edition

Before all you country music haters click away, just imagine this: there is a music festival coming to your town.  It’s your favorite genre, there are lots of big name performers coming, it lasts four days with a total of 19 concerts in all.  And the best part?  Tickets are only $120.  That’s for ALL FOUR DAYS.  (For those of you who avoid math at all costs, that’s $30 a day.)  Who wouldn’t go to that?  Well that’s what Country Jam is for me.

Plus, Country Jam is sentimental to me.  We got married during Country Jam in 2006, and saw Alan Jackson just a few hours afterward.  So when I heard Alan Jackson was coming BACK this year I thought, “we have to go.”  Then he “postponed” the week before the actual concert (and long after I’d purchased our tickets.)  BUT.  We still went (see: already purchased tickets) and had a good time.

For those of you who know country music, and you know, care who we saw, the concerts we went to were:
Sawyer Brown
Billy Currington
Lee Ann Womack
Trace Adkins
Jake Owen
Miranda Lambert
Keith Urban

We skipped the day shows because: A) Nobody I was really interested in, B) it is BLAZING hot out there in the middle of the day (I speak from experience) and, maybe most importantly, C) I can’t really leave a nursing baby all day long.

ANYWAY.  For those of you who don’t care at all about the music and just come here to be amused, I give you this photo.

Did you catch if?  Look right there between Brian and I.  That’s right, we got photobombed.  I actually caught it right away and turned around and she blurted out, “I’m sorry!” which was pretty hilarious.  It was too bad though, because that was probably the best picture of us.  Brian kept closing his eyes (he blames the flash.)

Now, a few pictures for anyone who cares.  I’ll understand if you want to skip this part.  I mostly just want to make Kari jealous that she didn’t come with us.

We took Kalena to Jake Owen, the only 5 pm show we went to.  She had a good time dancing.  And playing in the dirt of course.  One show was plenty for her.  It amazes me that people willingly take their kids and spend ALL DAY out there.  Insane.

A stage shot of the Jake Owen show.

Stage shot at Miranda Lambert.  
P.S.  We saw Miranda Lambert the year we got married too.  She was an afternoon show (because she wasn’t well known yet) but we knew lots of her stuff, so it was fun to see her again as the big-name closing act.
Shot of the jumbo-tron during Keith Urban.  Because let’s face it, unless you buy VIP seats or get there right when the gates open, mostly you see the screen, not the stage.
Maybe we’ll go again next year.  Or maybe we’ll wait another four years.  You never know.

One thought on “Busy week: Country Jam edition

  1. I am a little jealous.. But only a little. My 9 years there were plenty memorable. 🙂 cute pictures though and you guys are brave for taking Kalena out there! Glad she had a good time!

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