I take it back

Just so you know, Kalena is back in the crib.  She only slept in the toddler bed while Amelia was here, and she was only good about it the first night.  In fact, by the last night she was asking to go to bed in the crib.  That’s fine, although I don’t know what we’re going to do if she’s still there when Will gets too big for the pack-n-play.

There is a problem with the crib though.  Kalena hates to be in a wet or dirty pull-up. And she learned how to take them off.  (She usually takes them off and puts them in the laundry.  She knows that’s where dirty clothes go.  And that would be funnier if it weren’t gross.)  Anyway, if she were in a toddler bed she could get up and TELL me she wanted her pull-up off.  But she won’t STAY in a toddler bed.  So we have to deal with the pull-ups and the crib.  I ordered some toddler sized onesies off Amazon.  Until they get here I’ve resorted to putting her to bed in her jean shorts every night.  She can’t get those off.

On a totally different topic, Will has developed a cough to go with his runny nose.  It doesn’t seem bad; it just sounds like he has a tickle in his throat.  It DOES however, wake him up.  And since there is NOTHING you can give kids under two, I’m stuck.  So, lovely readers, do you have any tricks for a baby with a cough?

2 thoughts on “I take it back

  1. No help with the cough, but we found a solution for keeping Eli in bed. I changed out the door handles and his door now has a lock – on the outside. Works like a charm. If he doesn't stay in bed, he reads a few books until he falls asleep. When he wakes up, he knocks on the door and says, "Mommy, I awake!" Works for us. Good luck.

  2. The only cough solution I can think of would be to steam him up really well before he goes to sleep. In the bathroom with a hot shower is what most people use, but I've heard of people standing in front of the open freezer door too. Honey is supposed to be better than cough syrup, but you can't give honey to a baby either.

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