No Fighting, No Biting

Did you ever read No Fighting, No Biting?  Well, at church on Sunday Kalena had a run in with a child who apparently hasn’t read this book.  That’s right, somebody bit her.  (Now, let me say here that I don’t blame the boy who did it (he’s about 3) or his mom, who was actually in the room when it happened.)  I understand that these things happen, and I’m sure someday it will be Kalena, or Will, or some future child who is the biter.  Maybe he’ll bite a sibling, or a friend, or me.  (Kalena has tried that a time or two, but I stopped her before she did any damage.)

BUT.  This was just about the most brutal bite mark you’ve every seen, so OF COURSE I had to take pictures for the blog.

Vicious huh?  Don’t worry, it’s mostly better now.

7 thoughts on “No Fighting, No Biting

  1. Oh my goodness!! Allison got bit once when she was in daycare (she was 8 months old). But her friend who was 2 quickly smacked the kid who did it! LOL! (It wasn't quite that bad).

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