Friendships and hardships

Of all the things I wish I were better at (and there are many) making friends tops my list.  Not just acquaintance friends, but close friends.  Call-just-to-chat-and-talk-for-hours-with friends.  Love-you-at-your-worst friends. There are countless reasons I struggle with making friends, not the least of which is that I’m quite introverted.  I find being with people I don’t know well draining.  And it is rare that I find someone with whom a friendship is effortless.

But, thanks to joining a sorority, I did have a few great friends in college.  And now one of those friends is getting ready to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon with TeamChallenge.  She’s running for another college friend, one I lost touch with after graduation.  So go read about her inspiration here.  And I’ll keep hoping to find friendships like that again.

2 thoughts on “Friendships and hardships

  1. I have had many reminders lately of how good we had it in college! I miss everyone and the time to enjoy each other's company! Compared to now the time we had seems limitless! Making and keeping friends is hard with children in our lives, the kids are worth it, but the friendships were amazing! My recent friends are a matter of convenience! They are great friends, but the reason it works is that we are neighbors or have kids the exact same age that do the exact same things! Having a conversation on the phone with distant friends feels like a cruel joke sometimes!! The kiddos just know when to go nuts!And… good luck Laura!! Miss you Stacy! Hope the world is treating you both well at the present moment!

  2. Wow Elsha – thanks so much for the post! I feel the same way. The older I get the less motivated I am to build those long lasting friendships. It DOES take a lot of work! Or maybe that just means I'm introverted too. Either way, it's nice to know that there's still a few from the old days. Miss you!

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