You can hold me to it

I have a million things to write about, but it’s late, so I’m just going to bullet point for now.  I’ll write more later.  And now you can harass me about it if I don’t.

  • Will.  The sleeping, or LACK THEREOF, may kill me.  Also?  Still no teeth.
  • I have an iPhone!  But can’t actually use it as a phone.  Am still way behind the times.
  • Checked my weight loss ticker lately?  Yeah, it hasn’t moved.
  • Traveling with kids.  I’m not a fan.  We’ll be doing it later this month anyway.
  • Still haven’t written about Patrick visiting.  Oh, you didn’t know my nephew came and stayed with us?  That’s because I’m a slacker.
  • According to Zillow the house we sold in March is on the market again.  
  • The house hunting here: we’re under contract.  Inspection tomorrow.  Cross your fingers that all goes well.
SO.  Lots to say, but not tonight.

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