Oh, the sleep.

I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that Will still gets up during the night, or the 9:30 pm bedtime.  One of the things I find most exhausting about having a baby is the lack of down time.  Having to care for a baby from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed is SO draining.  And yes, the middle of the night feedings aren’t exactly refreshing, but if I can have a few hours to myself in the evenings they aren’t so bad.

I know I shouldn’t be comparing my kids (but aren’t we always?) BUT.  Every day I think, “By this age Kalena was going to bed at 7 and sleeping until 6.”  Even if he still needs a middle of the night feeding sometimes (it’s not every night) I wish he would just GO TO BED.  He’s on this stupid schedule right now where he takes a nap at 6 or 7, sleeps for an hour and then is up until at least 9 pm.  It is driving me insane. It doesn’t work to keep him up later, if he goes to bed anytime before 8:30 (at the earliest) he’ll be up again after an hour.

Maybe he’s just more of a night-owl than Kalena.  I know if I would let him he’d nurse back to sleep in the mornings.  (I don’t, because I am apparently laboring under the delusion that getting him up will make his bedtime earlier.)  And that wouldn’t be so bad if he would sleep in and I could have some time to myself in the mornings, but then Kalena is up.  (Another reason I get Will up.)  So.  Point is, I feel exhausted.  That’s all really.

3 thoughts on “Oh, the sleep.

  1. Yeah but with Kalena she didn't take naps so you were still exhausted because she whined a lot and wore you out. It will get better! He'll keep getting older and start to figure things out. Bring him over to play sometime when I can watch the kids and you can take a nap (or if you can't sleep during the day you can at least have a break).

  2. Maybe your next one will be a sleeper. M was so difficult we thought Libby was easy. I hope I think Damon is easy. Right now he's not but he's still too young to tell.

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