I really hope it’s teeth

Will’s sleeping has gone from bad to worse.  The last couple nights he’s been up 5 or 6 times each.  And he doesn’t just wake up, he wakes up SCREAMING.  He’s also been extra fussy during the day so I’m really hoping there are some teeth in there causing all this ruckus, and that it isn’t just that he decided to be fussy/screamy/mad baby for no reason.

He’s plenty old enough to get some teeth.  Kalena had at least six by the time she was 8 months, and my nephew has like all his teeth and he’s only 6 weeks older than Will.  Okay, probably not ALL his teeth.  (How many teeth does Eli have anyway, Kirsta?)

I wouldn’t mind the no teeth so much since he’s still nursing, but he REALLY wants to eat whatever we’re eating, and no teeth kind of limits what he gets.  Anyway, I’m sure he’ll get some teeth eventually, but just for fun, tell me when your kids got their first teeth.

3 thoughts on “I really hope it’s teeth

  1. Amelia got her 1st tooth on her 7 month birthday. She still only has 8 though so they're definitely taking their time coming in! Eli has 7 teeth right now. šŸ™‚ I'm sure if Will is that off you'll feel a tooth in there in a couple days!

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