I just want to know why

So have you checked out zillow.com?  Well we have.  We were looking at the house we’re looking at, then we decided to see how much it says my parents’ house is worth, and THEN we thought we should look up our old house in Texas.  And that’s how we found out it’s back on the market.

If you need a refresher, we sold our house at the beginning of March.  According to Zillow, the new owners turned around at listed it 8 days later.  EIGHT DAYS.  For ten thousand dollars MORE than they bought it for.  Which, incidentally, was the price we originally had it listed for, but dropped over the eight months it sat on the market.

To this I say, “What the hell, people?”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they bought the house.  Heaven only knows what I’d do if we still owned it.  But what’s the deal?  Did something actually happen that caused them to need to sell the house?  Or did they think they could just turn around and sell it and make a nice profit?  I suspect that latter, because seriously?  Eight days?  Anyway, it’s all a little crazy.  And you can bet I’ll keep checking on it to see how long they leave it on the market without dropping the price.  Because we weren’t just dropping the price for fun you know.

By the way, I just checked Zillow again and none of this info is up there anymore.  I don’t know why?  It’s public information so I don’t know why it’d be taken down.  But now it’s all on my blog, which is good since I’m sure you all care SO MUCH.

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