I would not have guessed that dinosaurs would be her thing

Kalena is obsessed with dinosaurs, have I told you this?  Well, she is.  Like, wants to go to the dinosaur museum every day, willingly watches (requests even) paleontology documentaries, sleeps with toy dinosaurs obsessed.  She has her own dinosaur placemat, nothing else is good enough, and often there are tears when we insist that she choose a single dinosaur for whatever activity is forthcoming.  Her days usually involve finding something to transport all her dinosaurs around in and then carrying them around, showing them to anyone who will look.  Her favorite is “atops” (that would be triceratops) for now.  I wonder how long this phase will last, and how much I’ll end up learning while it goes on.  (More than I want to, I’m sure.)

She refused to put them down so I could take a picture of her.

Or of her and Will.

And then she made me remove the baby from the couch and requested that I take a “pishure” of her and her “di-a-saurs”

What are your kids obsessed with?

6 thoughts on “I would not have guessed that dinosaurs would be her thing

  1. If you haven't let her see PBS's Dinosaur Train, you must let her. It is super cute and informative. She'll really be fixated on dinos then.Ian is still stuck on grasshoppers…alive ones. Going on 2 years now.

  2. Cooper is obsessed with being sneaky. Seriously he gets into EVERYTHING. Gum is his favorite, but he also loves computers/electronics.Charlotte LOVES Cars, Handy Manny and Trains.

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