Back in the technology dark ages

Remember when I told you I got an iPhone?  (Back in this post.)  Well, I did get one, or rather my brother in law Jonathan was nice enough to give me his old one when he got a new one.  ANYWAY.  While I would love to actually use it as a phone, moving into a house meant cutting back expenses which meant no new iPhone calling plan.  So, it’s essentially the same thing as having an iPod touch, which is also pretty awesome.  As a side note, if you’re interested in winning at Words With Friends, my user name is Elsha3 and I’m on a losing streak right now.

Back to the point.  Cutting back on bills also meant cutting Brian’s iPhone from our plan.  We planned on cutting back to one line and getting me a new phone since mine was getting pretty glitchy.  But when I went to do that I found out Brian’s 2 year contract on his iPhone wasn’t up yet.  There was only a month left on it, so we figured we’d just wait the month instead of paying the early termination fee.  Well, the month is up tomorrow and not a minute too soon, because this morning the screen on my phone died.  Interestingly enough, the *phone* part of my phone works fine.  I can make and receive calls, but that’s all.  I can’t see who’s calling, or get voicemail or text messages (kinda hard to read a text with no screen), I can’t see missed calls, I can’t look up numbers.  It’s a little weird.

But you know what the crazy part is?  This is how all phones USED to be.  Remember that?  Back in the day when your phone was attached to your wall and had a cord and when it rang you answered it with NO IDEA who was on the other end?  And if someone called and you weren’t home you couldn’t tell they called?  (For those of you who are wondering, yes, I am old enough to remember a time when our home had no answering machine.)  And when you dialed a number it didn’t pop up on a screen anywhere for you to double check that you’d dialed correctly?  Well, I know it felt normal then, but let me tell you, it sure feels weird now!  Anyway, if you call me in the next couple days and I don’t answer, be sure to call me again later because otherwise I’ll NEVER KNOW.

4 thoughts on “Back in the technology dark ages

  1. I would die without my phone, and it makes me a little sad. Not because I talk on it too much, but because I play on it WAY too much! I think I'm going to have "tech free days" or something. Anyway- I remember when I got my green phone in the basement and it had caller ID and it was the coolest invention ever!! I also get sad that our young girls will never get to experience the happiness that writing eachother notes during class brings. Texting has taken over. Sad days.

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