Feeling old

I have a hard time getting rid of books.  Even books I don’t like.  Even textbooks.  Or, maybe especially textbooks since they’re so ridiculously expensive.  (I couldn’t sell mine back to the school bookstore because I usually ordered paperback versions from Amazon.)  But, as we get settled in here I’ve been in purging mode.

I used to be very, um, let’s say sentimental, about stuff.  I didn’t like to throw things away, even if it wasn’t something I used often.  Or ever.  Then one day I woke up and I wanted to get rid of stuff.  I wanted to sort and clear out and throw away and donate.  I wanted stuff GONE.  I have no idea why they change in attitude, but there it is.  This happened not too long before I was laid off, so while I got some sorting done, and we threw out quite a bit of stuff before we moved, there was still lots of stuff we needed to go through.  And what better time than while I’m unpacking?  Well, recently I made it to our boxes of textbooks.

I will be keeping a few (ones I have referenced from time to time) and getting rid of the others.  Most of them I haven’t used since I took the class (and since I started the college in 2001, that’s been awhile…)  In fact, some of them are so old I found DISKS that went with them.  Not CDs, actual disks.  Nothing like realizing the technology I used in college is COMPLETELY outdated to make me feel old.  Definitely want to throw that stuff away.  Anything making you feel old today?

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