Back to the dinosaur museum

We went to the dinosaur museum today, for the first time in awhile.  We haven’t been going because of the nap schedule around here.  Winter hours at the museum (winter being October to May) are 10 am to 4 pm, and because it’s actually in Fruita, it’s about a 20 minute drive from here.  SO.  A museum trip means I need to leave the house by 3 or it’s not worth going.  Usually the day goes like this: up at 6 ish (both kids), Will goes down for his first nap around 9, and sleeps until 11 or 11:30.  Once he’s up it’s almost lunch time, then after lunch Kalena goes down for her nap, usually about 1 pm.  Will has his second nap between 1:30 and 2 and by the time both kids are up it’s generally close to 3 (sometimes later.)  Which means no way are we getting out of the house by 3.  Which means no dinosaurs.

But today!  Today I thought, daylight savings means the schedules are off, I’ll let them nap early and we’ll go to the museum this afternoon.  Kalena was excited, Will was excited (alright fine, Will has no idea what’s going on) and we were ready to go.  I just needed to stop for a minute at my parent’s house on the way.  When we turned the corner into their neighborhood, oh MAN.  You would have thought I told Kalena that instead of seeing the dinosaurs she was going to be tortured for the rest of the afternoon.  She just WAILED.  Despite my reassurance that we were just stopping for a minute, that she didn’t even have to get out of the car.  She wasn’t happy until we were leaving the house, back on the way to her beloved dinosaurs.

I guess I need to do those errands on the way home from the dinosaurs.  WHOOPS.

One thought on “Back to the dinosaur museum

  1. Hahaha that's hilarious! Whenever we pull up to Grandma Melody's house Amelia gets really excited, and I always thought she was just excited to be getting out of the car. Maybe she really does know where we're at! And Kalena REALLY knows when you're not headed towards the dinos.

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