Christmas shopping in 5 easy steps

If you read Laura’s comment on my last blog and are also wondering if I’m done with my Christmas shopping, the answer is, no, not exactly.  What I said was that I bought the last of the gifts I wanted to get for the KIDS.  I am done buying gifts for Kalena and Will.  However, I am also mostly done with the rest of my shopping.  I have 4 or 5 gifts left to get, and I know what I’ll be getting for at least 3 of those.  This is my favorite part of Christmas shopping: waiting for the gifts to arrive.  I know you’re dying to know, so here’s my Christmas shopping method:

1) Decide what to get people.  This requires a list for some people, not for others.  Usually I only get a list from Brian.

2) Price shop.  Mostly online, although I did check ads while I was looking at toys for the kids.

3) Order stuff.  Or go to the store to pick it up, whichever is cheaper.  I usually find stuff online for less, but this year I found most of the kids stuff in store.

4) Wait for online orders to arrive.  This is my favorite part because I feel like I’m getting something done every time I get a new package, even though it’s just the mail.

5) Wrap gifts.  Alright, this isn’t really a shopping step, but you do have to do it.  I like to wait and wrap all my gifts at once when I’m in a wrapping mood.  Feels extra productive and you only have to get all that crap out one time.

How do you shop?

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